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Listening Room & Improv DEMO: 3rd Annual FREE SCHOOL

  • University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Sage Hall 835 High Avenue Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54901 United States (map)

Live, original, improvisational piano by Jennifer Levenhagen; short, periodic question/answer period regarding improvisational piano.
Come to listen, relax, reflect, rejuvenate, reconnect...


plays original, improvisational piano that is compelling, dynamic, relaxing, and inspires creative or focused thinking.

Listening Room

Listening Room is an ongoing project created by Jennifer Levenhagen; hosted and attended by people who believe in the power of live, improvisational music to empower, inspire, heal, and reveal.

This Listening Room will be on an electric piano, not acoustic.

2017 Jennifer Levenhagen's Listening Room for Let it Flow at Rock Garden Studio, photo by Mark Ferrell (b).jpg

Unique Demo

This Listening Room Demo is my offering for all people participating in and/or supporting the need for free, quality, education for all. I believe in the power of experience to influence, and in order to find certain experiences, there must be access.

This is a social justice issue, as well as a community development issue. It's also just fun - go learn something new today.

More on UWO's Free School, below.

We are all students. We are all teachers.
We cannot be one and not the other.

For those familiar with my Listening Rooms:

The space will likely be more dynamic than is usual for my Listening Rooms, as participants may come and go as they can, may, and desire, in order to teach, learn, and participate in the various classes offered throughout the day.

For those unfamiliar with my Listening Rooms:

Please come as you are to experience this space and to give yourself what you need while respecting the space of those around you. Bring blankets or pillows, draw, write, meditate, fall asleep, turn over creative ideas you've been working on - whatever. As long as it's quiet and not super mobile, it will probably work out just fine. This is a time for you to connect with yourself and whatever creativity and/or spirituality you value.

UWO 3rd Annual Free School

A whole day of free workshops, skillshops and lectures.
From the Free School Facebook Page:

UWO Free School, taking place March 10th, 2018, is a day of FREE learning for all people of all ages! Topics include sustainability, health, social justice, and community building and are taught by volunteers in our community! A complete list of classes will be available soon.

Free Schools are necessary as a means to help bridge a social injustice. We live in a world where only “some people” can afford to receive education. The UWO Free School hopes to provide a forum for community engagement and place where we can all come together to learn.

Follow the UWO Free School: click here

I'm excited to share more improvisations with you!

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