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>> CANCELLED! << Listening Room & Potluck: Arrowhill Farm (New Era, Michigan)

  • Arrowhill Farm 961 W M20 New Era, MI 59556 United States (map)


Thank you for your interest and your patience.
Please be in touch with any questions, comments or concerns:

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This Listening Room is hosted by Amy and Troy Bowditch & Family at
Arrowhill Farm in New Era, Michigan.

Bring something to share if you’d like to participate in the potluck!

Music will be ~4:30-5:30pm

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Live, original, improvisational piano
by Jennifer Levenhagen.
Come to listen, relax, reconnect, rejuvenate, reflect…

The Listening Room is live, original, improvisational piano by Jennifer Levenhagen; an invitation to be still and present. You are invited to make yourself comfortable, and use this time for yourself. Please don't feel obligated to clap, or even to pay attention to the music; you could write, meditate, read, draw, etc... 


This Listening Room is hosted by Amy and Troy Bowditch & Family at Arrowhill Farm in New Era, Michigan. I'm excited that Amy and Troy (and family) are hosting a Listening Room in their awesome house with beautiful winter views. You'll feel welcomed in this warm home.


My new cd of piano improvisations - "Another Sea" - will be available for purchase (cash only). It is also available online:


I'm accepting freewill donations for this Listening Room. Please pay as you can, whether purely the gift of your presence, or including that of dollars.
Donation amounts will be private.

If you're able to pay my usual suggested donation of $15+ , I appreciate it.
It helps support may creative life.

this was made for you.

come to relax, reconnect, rejuvenate, reflect…

Listening Room is a space created for
intentional presence, introspection, relaxation, and awareness;
for anyone who chooses to be present.

This is is not a concert, show, or presentation.

It’s a bit like a musical massage

You're invited to wear comfortable clothes, bring pillows or blankets, or a quietly creative project.

You may keep your eyes open or closed, pay attention or not, etc...

Listening Room is an ongoing project created by Jennifer Levenhagen; hosted and attended by people who believe in the power of live, improvisational music to empower, inspire, heal, and reveal.

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Jennifer Levenhagen

Jennifer Levenhagen (LevenhagenArts) plays original, improvisational piano that is compelling, dynamic, relaxing, and inspires creative or focused thinking. Come to listen, relax, reflect, rejuvenate, reconnect...


I'm excited to share more improvisations with you!