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Winter Solstice Listening Room

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On this Winter Solstice, please join us for an evening to relax, reconnect, rejuvenate, and reflect. This is a bit like a musical meditation.

Space is Limited: Please RSVP

The Listening Room is live, original, improvisational piano by Jennifer Levenhagen; an invitation to be still and present. You are invited to make yourself comfortable, and use this time for yourself. Please don't feel obligated to clap, or even to pay attention to the music; you could write, meditate, read, draw, etc... 

7:00pm - doors open
7:30pm - about an hour of music, with a break in the middle

Refreshments will be provided.


Jennifer Levenhagen (LevenhagenArts) plays original, improvisational piano that is compelling, dynamic, relaxing, and inspires creative or focused thinking. Come to listen, relax, reflect, rejuvenate, reconnect...

Listening Room is an ongoing project created by Jennifer Levenhagen; hosted and attended by people who believe in the power of live, improvisational music to empower, inspire, heal, and reveal.

More about Jennifer's piano music, and HOW TO HOST: