a capella song composition • improvisational solo piano • soundtrack composition • melody, harmony, and countermelody on violin or voice • violin fill-ins

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making the rounds through Wisconsin, New Mexico, California, and more!

This gorgeous, one-line song from Jennifer Levenhagen defies easy categorization and is given rich depth with Annie Zylstra’s polyphonic arrangement. Wholehearted Chorus has found this to be evocative and wonderful, and a surprising challenge to sing.
— Lisa G. Littlebird,

I posted a rough, sleepy-eyed video of my singing this short, haiku-based a capella piece, Annie Zylstra heard it and asked to arrange it for choir.

She taught her arrangement of Most Beautiful Sky to her Viroqua-based choir, and some other folks, like @yuri.woodstock .

A video surfaced of a few folks singing the song in beautiful harmony in New Mexico.

Now, Lisa Littlebird is working on the arrangement with her 130-voice choir in the Big Sur / Carmel area of California.

See the progression here: my audio recording of the song (above), my original sleepy Instagram post, the announcement for Annie’s “Morning Glory Choir” Concert and Big Sing where they sang her arrangement of the song, @yuri.woodstock ’s video of the song in New Mexico, and Lisa Littlebird’s choir enjoying it in California: Most Beautiful Sky in the Song Library.