14 Songs in 28 Days!

I am so glad I joined the FAWM (February Album Writing Month) community! I was really inspired by the number of people writing so many new songs in the same period of time, and then kindly conversing about them with each other.

I began by writing a song a day, then joined some skirmishes (write, record, post a song in an hour), and collaborated, too. I'd been out of song-writing for a little bit, and hadn't recorded very recently either. FAWM was a good catalyst for all of that - for songwriting, for getting playful and imperfect, for working on my recording skills, and for connecting with other musicians.

Listen to my FAWM songs here on this page, or follow the links below.

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FAWM: a Community of Songwriters

Check out everyone participating in FAWM this year!
There's a global community of people writing, recording, and posting their original music - all from February 2018.

You Can Too!

If you write music, can record it in any way (ie on your phone) and get it online...you can join FAWM too! Or you can follow along without even officially joining.

Listen, sign-up, support: www.fawm.org

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