I’m so excited you’re interested in hosting a Listening Room!
I hope you will. Thank you for visiting.
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communicate & plan with Jennifer
provide a welcoming, comfortable space
determine capacity of space
prepare guest list
invite guests
share with guests a description of the Listening Room
refreshments (if desired)
welcoming guests
read the FAQ included on this page


communicate and plan with host
provide host with some promotional materials
arrive at agreed-upon time
welcome people into a reflective environment
play live, original, improvisational piano music
speak with guests


remember that this evening is for you
give yourself this gift of presence
arrive with intention
please remain still and quiet during the music
be respectful of your own and others’ boundaries
do not feel obligated to clap
wear comfortable clothes
consider bringing a blanket
lie on the floor, close your eyes, pay attention, not…
meditate, sleep, work on a quiet, creative project…

If you would like to host near water or in conjunction with a water cause, please contact me.  JenniferLevenhagen

If you would like to host near water or in conjunction with a water cause, please contact me.



Who hosts?
You! Individuals, families, community groups, caregivers, retreats, support groups, organizations, educators, organizers, activists, and more.

Where do people host?
Living rooms, cafes, retreat centers, wellness rooms, libraries, places of worship, yoga studios, meditation rooms, classrooms, and more.

Do I need to own a piano?
you do not need to own a piano! While an acoustic piano is ideal for Listening Room, Jennifer will transport and play on a digital piano.

Do I have to serve refreshments?
No, you do not need to serve refreshments, but you are more than welcome to do so! We’ve had feasts cooked by the few, potlucks contributed to by the many; hors d'oeuvres and meals; wine and dry, etc. Note that availability of refreshments is up to the host.

Kat Soren Living Room Listening Room IMG_20180726_183141873.jpg

What kind of seating do I need to provide?
Any seating option that allows for the comfort of guests. Please plan according to the the varying physical needs of your guests.

What room arrangement is ideal?
Ideally, guests will be able to see Jennifer’s hands on the piano keys or her face. Creating a partially or fully circular seating arrangement creates a less formal environment in which Jennifer, the piano, and the guests are all a part of the same circle.

Do we have to be really quiet the whole time?
No. Each Listening Room may be set up differently, but often there is a designated time for socializing. It’s ideal for hosts and guests to tend to any needs before and after music, rather than during.

How does Jennifer get paid?
Most often there is a suggested donation requested at the door as people enter, but other arrangements may be made with hosts who would like to treat their guests.

What if I live far away?
That’s fine! Jennifer is exploring different places, likes to travel, and enjoys planning geographically. Depending on the situation, Jennifer may request room and board for the night.


Host a Listening Room!

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