Listening Room is an ongoing project created by Jennifer Levenhagen; hosted and attended by people who believe in the power of live, improvisational music to empower, inspire, heal, and reveal.

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©mfsPhotography 2009

©mfsPhotography 2009

this was made for you.

come to relax, reconnect, rejuvenate, reflect…

Listening Room is a space created for
intentional presence, introspection, relaxation, and awareness;
for anyone who chooses to be present.

This is is not a concert, show, or presentation.

It’s a bit like a musical massage

You're invited to wear comfortable clothes, bring pillows or blankets, or a quietly creative project.

You may keep your eyes open or closed, pay attention or not, etc...


about listening room


In Brief

No two Listening Rooms are exactly alike.
Each is adjusted according to the environment, hosts, and people present.

The live, original music is not written or memorized (it’s not exactly replicated anywhere at any time by anyone).

All guests are invited to give this time as a gift to themselves and to respect the boundaries, space, and needs of others.

This isn’t a concert - no clapping required.


People have experienced Listening Room to be…

“musical massage”
an emotional release
inspiring of creativity
visually stimulating
a mutual practice of deep listening
like group or guided meditation

Listening Room in private home ©JenniferLevenhagen 2018

Listening Room in private home
©JenniferLevenhagen 2018


Listening Room at Rock Garden Studio
Let It Flow Art Exhibit
©MarkFerrell 2017



Without fail I am moved by the beauty and depth of Jennifer’s music. There’s an additional element she seems to capture, too: mystery. Jennifer’s music helps me bow to the great mystery of life.
— Reverend Roger Bertschausen, Fox Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Appleton, WI
I was astounded by your playing and really felt moved by the music. I was able to completely relax and let my mind wander.
— Emmy Matzner, Minneapolis, MN
I’ve been trying to create more space for quiet and creativity in my life, and the experience gave me that opportunity
— Andrea Everson, Minneapolis, MN
Your playing for us at Wintermoon was so timely and wonderful. We all had been working very hard, it had been cold and we all had ‘stuff’ going was a beautiful gift for all of us, and touched deeply
— Kathleen Anderson, Wintermoon Summersun, Brimson, MN

Please Enjoy Listening

All tracks are improvisational - as is the music of any Listening Room with Jennifer Levenhagen.
In this case, "improvisational" means that there is no written music for these pieces, no plan for them before the fingers touch the keys, and that the recordings are the only place these unique original sounds exist...


Listening Room at private home Hickory Grove ©kmPhotography 2015

Listening Room at private home
Hickory Grove
©kmPhotography 2015

when you attend . . .

remember that this evening is for you
give yourself this gift of presence
arrive with intention
please remain still and quiet during the music
be respectful of your own and others’ boundaries
do not feel obligated to clap
wear comfortable clothes
consider bringing a blanket
lie on the floor, close your eyes, pay attention, not…
meditate, sleep, work on a quiet, creative project…






I’m ready to travel to you.

You could host next!

Please tell me where you’d like to host, and let’s make it happen!

I’ve shared Listening Rooms in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and am interested in more within and beyond these states. I am especially interested in connecting with more people in the Great Lakes region of the United States and Canada, and am open to traveling beyond.

Location History

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all listed locations in USA







I have ideas and love to brainstorm!

Let me know of any ideas you have for the Listening Room, and any other creative options.

For example, regarding the uniquely invaluable


We could join my music and your advocacy to create a special impact.

By creating relationships around water, we are creating networks that can promote positive social norms, and share a vision for and participate in water stewardship.
— Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, We Are Water MN

If you are interested in “the connections between the humanities and water,” I personally recommend visiting the We Are Water MN traveling exhibit, online and/or in person.