June 2018

Happy Summer Solstice, to all of you in the northern hemisphere! It’s a time of reflection, gratitude, and growth.

I am really excited about various events coming up - especially some Listening Rooms in August!

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March 2018

Welcome to Spring, everyone in the north! Here you'll find some upcoming events, some exciting things to stay tuned for, and a note from me near the Spring Equinox.

Please note that all my upcoming events are listed in the calendar on my website, where you'll find links to fellow performers' websites, etc.

In this note from Jennifer...

  • FAWM (February Album Writing Month)
  • Carlisle Evans Peck, Kevin Mason, Jennifer Levenhagen
  • Art Reception and Listening Room
  • Recording Piano
  • Listening Room Series at Hickory Grove
  • A note on the Spring Equinox
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December 2017

Dear friends,

I've found writing to be a deep way of communicating with and about my self, my community, my world. I'm incorporating that here, where I'll share my creating and my thoughts with you. It's an experiment that will continue as long as it feels good.

I'm sitting with my usual pot of tea, looking over what I wrote to you yesterday, watching through the window as winds blow the leaves outside...

In this Note from Jennifer...

Upcoming Music
New Store! New Items!
Social Media
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Solstice Greetings!



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