March 2018

Welcome to Spring, everyone in the north! Here you'll find some upcoming events, some exciting things to stay tuned for, and a note from me near the Spring Equinox.

Please note that all my upcoming events are listed in the calendar on my website, where you'll find links to fellow performers' websites, etc.

February Album Writing Month (FAWM) - LIVE!
A Local FAWM SHowcase!

FAWM LOGO 450 width.png

March 24, 2018
602 Club
602 N Lawe St
Appleton, WI 54911

Some local songwriters are sharing some of our FAWM songs with you on
Saturday, March 24th at 5pm.
Join Us!

Being active with FAWM has given February a whole new meaning. FAWM is February Album Writing Month. There is no rule about how a person must approach FAWM, but the basic goal is to write 14 songs in 28 days.

FAWM started with a handful of friends about a decade ago. Now, there are thousands of people participating all over the world: writing, recording, and sharing songs.

For the most part, the songs that I posted were written and recorded that same day. Some were even written, recorded, and posted within an hour (these are called skirmishes).

I'm grateful for the songwriting inspiration that came from FAWM, but my favorite aspect of participating was the online community of songwriters. People gave really constructive, positive feedback. I also collaborated on two songs, which was really fun:

lyrics, vocals, and chords by Kevin Mason (Appleton, WI, USA)
Rhodes Stage Piano and violin by Jennifer Levenhagen (Appleton, WI, USA)

Midnight Song
guitars and bass: Steve Silvterton (London, UK)
percussion: Tobias Sturmer
lyrics, vocals, and violin: Jennifer Levenhagen (Appleton, WI, USA)

Listen to all my FAWM songs here: #JenniferLevenhagenFAWM2018 Playlist
If you're interested in seeing my FAWM Profile, check it out, here: @JenniferLevenhagen

Carlisle Evans Peck, Jennifer Levenhagen, and Kevin Mason

Carlisle Evans Peck

Carlisle Evans Peck

March 31, 2018
602 Club
602 N Lawe St
Appleton, WI 54911

Carlisle Evans Peck is coming in from Minneapolis to play a joint show with Kevin Mason and me. It will be an evening of cozy atmosphere, pretty sounds, and intentional lyrics.

Carlisle is a pianist, singer-songwriter, and composer. I appreciate his multidimensional approach to art, and find his style to be refreshing, unique, and unlike anything I usually hear in Appleton.

I deeply admire Kevin Mason's songwriting and ability to put intricate - seemingly unnameable - human experience into words. It is always an honor, a pleasure, and an inspiration to share stages and shows with him.

Kevin Mason

Kevin Mason

Jennifer Levenhagen

Jennifer Levenhagen

Art Reception and
Listening Room

May 12, 2018
Elisha D. Smith Public Library
(aka Menasha Public Library)
440 1st Street
Menasha, WI

Listening Room 2pm-3pm
Art Reception 3pm-4pm

flowers for nurturer invitation A.png

I'll have some of my art on display for all of May 2018! The artist reception will be May 12 at 3pm, following a 2pm Listening Room (me playing my piano improvisations). Please join me on May 12th, and/or find my art at this great community library, anytime during May.

This special Listening Room is called "Nurturing for Nurturers," because the very next day is Mother's Day. I want to help celebrate everyone who gives, receives, and craves nurturing. For me, Mother's Day is not only about biological mothers or about one specific mother. It is about the nurturing we all need, the parts inside each of us that need nurturing, and the nurturing we are able to share with people in our lives.

Some people feel a lot of pain regarding their family of origin, but find love in chosen family. Some people admire their parents and see them as role models. It looks different for each of us, but hopefully we all find some of that unconditional loving - starting with ourselves.

So, bring your self, your loved one, someone who has loved you well, or anyone in between!

Enjoy the music, rest, relax, reconnect, reflect.
I want to give you this gift of intentional sonic nurturing.


Recording Piano

Piano Strings A schoolhouse Kevin's Little Helper_20150613_11_26_53_Pro.jpg

I am incredibly excited to announce that I've recorded some of my improvisational piano, and will be putting it on a CD for your listening pleasure!


I recorded at Rock Garden Studio, with Marc Golde at the mixing board. I asked him to press record and let me play for about an hour, which is exactly what we did. I have the rough recording, and am in the process of listening through it before sending it in for mastering.

If you've heard me play the piano, you'll find the recording to be very true to my sound. I'm so glad to be able to capture some of that, and to share it.

Are you as excited as I am?!

Listening Room Series at
Hickory Grove

Soon I will be sharing details about my Listening Room series at Hickory Grove. Stay tuned, because you won't want to miss it.

Hickory Grove is a beautifully restored one room school house in which lives a lovely Yamaha baby grand piano. These will be wonderful opportunities to listen and enjoy.

A Note at the Spring Equinox

Last time I wrote you, it was time for the Winter Solstice. Now, it's nearly the Spring Equinox, and outside of these Chicagoland windows, the sun shines, daffodils are rising above the ground, crocuses pop up here and there, and there seem to be infinite robins hopping about with their red chests puffed out.

I'm so thankful to witness the birthing of spring!

It's wonderfully crisp outside, and beautiful outdoor walks require fewer layers. This spring, I call again on the query, "what brings me joy?", and challenge myself to put those answer into action. I want more of both in my life.

What brings you joy? How are you bringing more of that into your life?

Today is March 17th - St Patrick's Day.

I have so many family memories of making everything green that day of the year, and celebrating what we knew of our Irish heritage. Then, as an adult living in Minneapolis, I would gather friends to go to Ceili Dances at the Czech & Slovack Cutural Center Of Minnesota. Today, I was lucky to be part of the "celebration of life" for a man I hardly knew, but whose life inspires me. And tonight - instead of green mashed potatoes and beer, with corned beef and cabbage - I'll be celebrating another good person's birthday over Italian food and conversation.

It feels like a warm way to start the spring.

Thank you for following me on my creative life's journey. I hope you are well in yours, however you choose to live it.


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