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This Space is for You

The Listening Room is a space created to provide a designated time, environment, and opportunity for presence, introspection, and awareness for anyone who chooses to be present.

It’s a bit like a musical massage.

You're invited to wear comfortable clothes, bring pillows or blankets, and any quietly creative project you might want to work on. You may keep your eyes open or closed, pay attention or not, etc...


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live, original, improvisational piano music; thoughtful, compelling, narrative, and stimulating
Please listen below, or click here


supporting and inspiring mindful presence, calm, creativity, self-awareness, and/or relaxation through live, original, improvisational piano music



relaxation, quiet, calm, rejuvenation and inspiration


individuals, families, community groups, caregivers, retreats, support groups, organizations, etc.
email: info@JenniferLevenhagen.com



comfortable, quiet, and still; may engage in quiet activity (writing, drawing, etc) that is respectful of others' space
please refrain from clapping



welcoming homes, studios, venues, spaces, and more



Inquire about Jennifer's original improvisational piano music for retreats, therapeutic sessions, dinners, weddings, wakes, and other events:

Listening Room at Hickory Grove - Photo by KM

Listening Room at Hickory Grove - Photo by KM



Please Enjoy Listening

All tracks are improvisational - as is the music of any Listening Room with Jennifer Levenhagen.
In this case, "improvisational" means that there is no written music for these pieces, no plan for them before the fingers touch the keys, and that the recordings are the only place these unique original sounds exist...




Without fail I am moved by the beauty and depth of Jennifer’s music. There’s an additional element she seems to capture, too: mystery. Jennifer’s music helps me bow to the great mystery of life.
— Reverend Roger Bertschausen, Fox Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Appleton, WI

Listening Room at Rock Garden Studio ©MarkFerrell 2017
Let It Flow Art Exhibit

I’ve been trying to create more space for quiet and creativity in my life, and the experience gave me that opportunity
— Andrea Everson, Minneapolis, MN
I was astounded by your playing and really felt moved by the music. I was able to completely relax and let my mind wander.
— Emmy Matzner, Minneapolis, MN
Your playing for us at Wintermoon was so timely and wonderful. We all had been working very hard, it had been cold and we all had ‘stuff’ going on...it was a beautiful gift for all of us, and touched deeply
— Kathleen Anderson, Wintermoon Summersun, Brimson, MN

Listening Room at Rock Garden Studio ©MarkFerrell 2017
Let It Flow Art Exhibit

I’m ready to travel to you.
This map displays places that have hosted a Listening Room in the past.
You could host one now.

contact me: info@JenniferLevenhagen.com