Available for studio recordings, stage performances, events (ie. weddings & wakes), and for restorative rest, and more.

versatile violinist



studio musician

band member

orchestra & chamber ensembles



playing by ear


therapeutic music



guitar and violin by Jennifer Levenhagen
guitar - 1 line
violin - 4 voices
violin quartet begins at 1:40, followed by some juicy parts

Working with Jennifer has been an absolute pleasure over the years. As a solo acoustic guitarist, I love the expression, feel and overall timbre Jennifer adds to the sound. She feels the music so well and executes her playing with mastery and fluidity. It’s not uncommon for me to throw a song at Jennifer last minute, on the spot, on stage, and she follows along beautifully... I always look forward to a show with Jennifer Levenhagen
— Shawn Connelly, Musician, Shawn Connelly Sound
Jennifer Levenhagen, came to our family caregiver program to share a therapeutic music experience as part of an overall program focused on gratitude. Jennifer shared original, impromptu music pieces on her violin which allowed for the development of peaceful space with the program participants. It was easy for the participants to close their eyes and experience Jennifer’s music as a gift rather than a performance.
— Jeanine Knapp, Family Support Specialist, Lutheran Social Services at the Thompson Community Center, Appleton WI